Monday, November 12, 2012

This Hiatus Was Too Long

We are fully aware of the fact that there has not been a post on this blog for nearly one full year. Although, it may seem that this is largely due to the fact that our lives have been so boring, that no new posts were warranted. Although our family's intercontinental adventures have been put on hold, our continental journeyings have been quite active.

This time last year, we lived in El Mirage, Arizona. After graduating from Thunderbird in December 2011, we took a job in Portland, Oregon, and in August of this year we almost unexpectedly took another job in Rhode Island, which continues our inadvertent living relationships in micro-states in Europe and the U.S.

But wait, there's more, we are expecting our third child, finally a girl! So, we have a name already in mind: Celia. Delaine has been such a trooper with this pregnancy, but she does not have too much longer to wait, as we are but four weeks away from welcoming her into our family. She will be born in a different state than both of her brothers, Everett (Utah), and Liam (New Hampshire), who are enjoying Kindergarten and Pre-School respectively.

So after several years of meeting friends in new places, one of our favorite things to say when people ask: "So where are you from?" is... "Our Heavenly Father." So, we know where we are from, even though we sometimes don't know where we are. One thing's for sure, home is certainly where the heart is, and although it is currently in South Kingstown, RI, it will follow us wherever in God's green earth we may find ourselves!