Tuesday, July 12, 2011


Well, reluctantly and happily we have returned!  We have had a blast in California with family and now we find ourselves in Arizona for our next short stint.  There are positives and of course some negatives--but that is life.  The boys love having family closer (6 hours) to us!  We were sure to unload the storage unit and have their bedroom and their playroom completed before they showed up!  They are so happy to see their old toys again.  It really is fun.  It is a furnace out here though!  We miss our old friends, and Everett really misses his school.  We have been visiting schools to get him all signed up, and he cried saying he missed his old teacher.  Transition really is hard on kids, no matter how much people tell you kids are resilient (which they are,as long as you are strong--which is key to international living), they will have hard times with moving.  As parents we must be patient and understanding.  However, the boys are adjusting very well.  Everett was really excited to learn that his new school will allow sugar and snack food in his lunch.  We love having the Glendale Library system again!  WE LOVE IT there!  I guess our job is to adjust here as well as possible until the next move in 6 months!

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