Monday, April 11, 2011


Well, I often don't get an opportunity to write my thoughts down, much of our efforts on the blog are to record experiences, however this lack of thought unloading doesn't mean I don't have any.  Quite the contrary, my brain is always streaming with ideas, spiritual and non.  I think of how trials make us stronger and how they are given to us often to benefit others.  I think of my boys and their continual growth--I often strongly contemplate if I am being a good enough mother--is the house clean enough for them, are they eating enough nutritional foods, do I smile enough so they know that I am happy, am I being an example of the believers everyday and every moment, do I give them enough extra curricula activities, what will they be like when they are older, what will happen when we add another child to the bunch--will I stay sane, and often I think of this experience we are having out here and if it is benefiting for them.  Everett has grown a great deal in many ways, he has friends, is now bi-lingual,  loves to rides bikes, knows how to read, is taking greater chances, and is just so happy and so dang smart I wonder where he came from--sweetest boy in the world.  Liam on the other hand is always by my side, though this is a good thing, a times it is hard for him, he has not been able to have a regular play group which I always had with Ev at least 2 days a week,  so he has major clingyness issues.  He is nearly 2 1/2 and still won't go to nursery, he screams when we leave him for just a little while (except with my mom which is not often because she lives in the US).  He is super talkative and confident, fun as any kid I have EVER seen, and I am so happy that he is mine, I can't help but feel guilty that  he seems a little displaced.  One thing for sure though, we try to stay constant.  When we go somewhere we are there as a family--we will always be together (Everett prays for that every night).  We continually do family home evenings on Mondays, we try and get our scripture reading in, prayers are constant, we play together OFTEN, we try and keep our routine, because we have been so displaced for the past 3 years that is all I can give them with normalcy is a routine.  Hope our displacement will end soon--scheduled to Jan. 2012--can I hang on until then?

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