Monday, April 11, 2011

My Hubby

I just want to shout from the mountain tops how wonderful my husband is.  He really is.  We tell each other often how much we love each other, but I realize on this blog we make no mention of it.  How weird, because in our family it is often brought up.  Steve is often the quite guy at church, but everyone LOVES him.  I have never ever met someone who didn't love him.  He can talk with guys about sports because he LOVES sports, all kinds--one of those men who knows every player in every game and gets REALLY excited when he talks about sports, however he doesn't watch it very much ( we haven't had TV in years so that contributes to that, but he quitely every morning gets up too early to check scores, rankings, you name it he knows it.  Steve also gets along with women really well.  He is just one of those people after talking with him for a few minutes there is no weirdness and he seems to be one of your best friends.  He will never make you feel bad, always trying to make people feel better about themselves.  He is full of energy--always playing with the boys--and I mean ALWAYS.  He will lose himself in games of soccer or sand castle building, and will play UNO over and over with the boys.  He takes a lot of time for me too.  He comes home and I am always the first person he kisses.  He compliments every meal I make (and really they are not that great), he still holds my hand, is so overjoyed when I try new words in German, he is beaming when I give way broken church talks in sacrament meeting, he can tell in my eyes if I've had a rough day--and it doesn't matter that he has had a long day, he takes the boys right away.  He is the last one asleep and the first one awake everyday.  He sings in the shower, and is always whistling.  He almost always wakes up cheery (except when he has stayed up too late watching a game on the computer and his team has lost).  He LOVES to dance.  We have family dance parties instigated by him.  He makes the most amazing crepes a few times a week.  The man never seems tired.  He puts the kids to bed so I can get a break from the day.  He works hard.  That is an understatement.  When it comes to taking care of our family he does everything possible.  He NEVER thinks of himself.  I can never get him to make me a list for for Christmas or birthday wishes because without fail he will say--"lets save the money for this or that, I'm really fine".  Last Christmas all he asked for was a $15 pen that he had been eying, yeah try and shop for someone like that--drives me crazy sometimes.

Really he is just wonderful.  He works so hard, especially during this hard economic time and him being an MBA like many others out of work.  He stayed up late nights (MANY LATE nights) perfecting and perfecting resumes and applications to secure us 3 GREAT opportunities. 

I feel so lucky to call him mine.  I can't believe he tolerates me with all of my quirkiness.  He is a man full of hugs and kisses.  Loves to help me clean, is a fantastic singer.  Kisses me in the morning and kisses me goodnight.  He NEVER critiques me or what I try and accomplish. He is faithful, he is true to his covenants, and is always trying to be better and searching for ways for us to improve in all levels.  I don't write this to brag, I write this to record how dang lucky I am.  I hope anyone who reads this doesn't feel any lower because their spouse doesn't do this or that, never ever ever do I want someone to feel saddened or compare themselves to us.  I REALLY don't like comparison.  It makes everyone sad.  We all need to search out the best things in everyone, including ourselves.

I love my husband for everything that he is and all that he is trying to be.

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The Pritchard Party said...

I like your thoughts post and this one. I think that's what blogging is all about... showing the real you.

As always Delaine, you inspire me and I feel the spirit when you talk. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and happiness. I feel the same thing in the questions you ask yourself about being a good mom on your previous post..... all the time.